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Graeme Bailey's Cartoons

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Tropic Beer Crocs

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Graeme Bailey's Cartoons

This page features a few examples of cartoons produced by Graeme Bailey

A brief history

Graeme's cartooning career started during school with caricatures and funny drawings to amuse himself or his classmates.The first cartoons were published in the local paper while Graeme was still in school... approx 1960

While Graeme worked for Photolithox Printing in Hastings NZ he had to produce cartoons for leaflets and brochures, especially little funny diagram characters, babies, Santa Clauses etc. A week before his 17th birthday Graeme left home and went to Wellington NZ to work for Joseph Churchward Advertising Art Studio. Here he had to do cartoons quite often. Later in Sydney when working for David Heweston Art Studio he did cartoons for press ads and also for fun to lighten the day. He was inspired at David Heweston's by the quality of work produced by the other artists who worked for David.


The major volume of cartooning was for the T Shirt Factory in Cairns, where Graeme did literally thousands of cartoons for T Shirt designs. Later he did freelance cartooning for Rom Stover, Tropic City designs and others.

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