Graeme's online blog of projects.
Current tasks/ideas/things-to-learn with 3DSMax, Illustrator and Photoshop
Create custom antique lettering from any typeface
Use snapshots to allow mixing different filters with the history brush
Switch between the different selection tools while deep-etching
create custom lightning and arc effects Green Power idea for What's On magazine
Create a 3D horse in 3DSmax to aid in designing paintings
Create a 3DSMax aboriginal head for designing paintings Shield with red-eyed Aboriginal Warrior
learn livetrace in illustrator CS3
learn quanta interface to keep website up to date and alive
learn php and database interfaces to get study material and booklist online
get finances online and active
Get a painting list/blog active and online
Learn way to get stuff from website to CorelDraw paragraph (for Sandy)
Learn/design text styles in CorelDraw
Study the use of the grid in CorelDraw
Learn how to do tables and styles in indesign
Watch more indesign and illustrator online videos
Use the book illustration to learn illustrator really well beginning draft of book illustration
Use the colour dialog in illustrator to learn colour better
Use microscope to view printed screen dots from lotsa press